Atlantic Zephyrs (Novelette) (Trombone or Baritone Part)

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FOLIO: Atlantic Zephyrs (Novelette) (Set of Parts)

The second single, Everything Connected, was released on April The album is a following series from his previous album, Immunity. A long serving Dekmantel veteran, Danilo Plessow was there from the start. The organ sounds and trumpets are left high in the mix, to create an unforgettable hook that resonates throughout, in complete Motor City style.

Limited to copies worldwide on translucent gold vinyl. Includes newspaper print insert. B1-B8 are instrumentals. The Retrowavers. A promised land of hypnotic cumbia rhythms, subtle digital warbling, accordion textures, voodoo haze and woodblock charm awaits the off-piste explorer willing to step through the arch and Visit Malphino, the debut album from this London based collective of diaspora musicians and visual artists.

With clues in the titles, each track represents a different element to the island. It embodies the growth of the Malphino concept from an abstract idea within the minds of a few friends to a more complex fantasy at the centre of a small community of musicians and artists. Speculation is open-ended. Young Galaxy — Down Time Young Galaxy, — have altered their sound, band membership and business model on Down Time — to glorious effect.

Its production is warm and full, with lyrics that are at once universal and personal. Mark Kozelek has ambitious plans for , with not one, but two full-lengths in the works. One of those, a self-titled record under his own name, is due May 11th through his own Caldo Verde Records.

These raw, unedited, live recordings were fueled by laughter, and Azawad gunpowder tea. The Bones of J. Jones is a project from singer, guitarist, and songwriter Jonathon Linaberry. Drawing on a wide range of influences, his songs incorporate classic singer-songwriter gestures alongside more experimental leanings.

Closer To Stranger stands as a meditation on uneasy identity politics during times of unreason, seeking peace amidst chaos. A slowly unfolding inward journey of late night lullabies and contemplative electric drift. Here Lies The Body is a body of work produced with RM Hubbert — an astonishingly consummate solo artist and guitarist in his own right — who has been a mainstay of the Glasgow DIY scene since the early nineties. Ducktails — Plastic Melody New Images Limited, — [indie rock, dream pop, neo-psychedelia, baroque pop, shoegaze, hypnagogic pop, synth pop, chillwave, jazz rock, jangle pop].

The band that brought you the Stranger Things score. A beautiful collection of haunting songs, it deserves a good listen. In this version, cv utilizes the original tape masters, manipulating and reshaping these enchanting sound worlds into a modern opus, all while preserving the analog circuitry of the original. The cool watery depths of the inception are ever-present in this immersive sonic landscape, a magical place of escape from the here and now. In turn, the music often has a hazy, aimless drift, but when the drums emerge the feeling is of a tireless march.

There are few clues as to what inspired the album other than a cryptic poem from Voigt. Alors, allez les voir! Skirting the edges of dream pop laced with evocative harmonies, simmering synths and propulsive post-punk elements, Magic Wands craft a thrilling marriage redolent of the wistfulness of Beach House and the tugging hooks of Warpaint.

A heap of experience and a sure-footed feeling for style constitutes this record, but at the same time it feels like a young and fresh love affair with music. But once the sessions were over, he knew he had something entirely different, something even more satisfying: a collection of songs where warmth filled the grooves of every song.

An album that seemed like home. In the early s, a prominent Sudanese newspaper declared him dead. Internet forums confirmed his passing. But rumors that he was still alive persisted. Featuring songs made immortal by luminaries The Cranberries, Otis Redding, Erykah Badu, Duran Duran, Blind Melon, and even Rick James, among many others, Meiko leaves her own indelible mark on these songs and will have you hearing them as if it were the first time. It sounds somewhere between ghostly demos and a lo-fi avant-garde ambient composition. This twice Ensor nominated composer and Mercury Prize winning producer delivers a collection of songs, including a duet with his longtime musical partner PJ Harvey, that should change all that.

Bird Dog Dante was completed in a busy year for Parish. Captured in superb sound quality! When I wrote the songs of my record, I dreamt to hear Bills sounds on it. I thought this feeling would go away but it never did. So I decided to contact him to see if he would work with me and put the last pieces of the puzzle together on this record Bounce Back. He liked the music so I flew to Seattle to record his wonderful guitar playing on the songs. Meeting him felt like coming home. And this connection was still so fresh in my memory when I arrived back to Belgium.

We kept in touch by writing each other and sometimes he drew me funny faces. We were invited to play at the wonderful Jazz Middelheim festival and finally ended up on stage together. In the dressing room we quickly went through the songs but we kept all surprises for the stage. It was a wonderful experience for me. One of the highlights of my musical career. So listening back to these recordings we thought it would be nice to be able to share this with the people who were there but also the people who missed it and are curious to hear what happened.

I truly hope you will enjoy these moments. These moments that will always stick with me. With love, Chantal. The project started in after a relocation from Gothenburg to Stockholm. It makes you laugh and cry and pick up a novel. In , a chance meeting helped lead to the development of what would become Super Furry Animals.

Atlantic Zephyrs by Gardell Simmons

The resulting narcotic musical textures are capable of floating listeners to galaxies far, far away. Her minimalist and compositional finesse combine with densely layered atmospheric instrumentation and dreamlike vocals to create music rich with both delicacy and intensity.

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Ward has dropped a surprise new album, What a Wonderful Industry. Ward Records. Work Drugs makes music specifically for dancing, boating, yachting, sexting, and living. We chilled out from the stress of rushing the record and not being happy with it, as well as being skint with no impending touring on the cards and constantly having to worry about rent.

Thirteen tracks in length, Old Stock is a concept album inspired by the true story of two Jewish Romanian refugees coming to Canada in The ambiance is passionate, sweat-soaked and electric. The spacious dub of a plucked cello gives way to a minimalist breakbeat tableau resting over rhythmic prepared piano; a staid electronic groove is gradually absorbed into washes of frenzied improv; staccato synths are woven into tumbling avant-rock; and shimmering free drums phase over static loops of piano, guitar and cello.

Sean Nicholas Savage — Screamo Arbutus Records, — This is the thirteenth album by Canadian cult wizard Sean Nicholas Savage, and the final chapter in his cassette trilogy until now composed of the two immediate classics Magnificent Fist and Yummy Coma. Stuart A.

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Out in May , it is about women smoking. And women. And smoking. It is also about the Sydney lock out laws, unexpected love, unexpected endings, crowded parties, booze and balconies, Newtown in , and the under-appreciated role of the rehearsal girlfriend. Mit dabei u. Hook and the Medicine Show the one without the eye patch.

It falls between neither being a piece of theatre with a satisfying through-story, nor is it a gig with a mixture of songs. The Tiger Lillies continue to make theatrical inspired work in their own style that, thirty years on, is still as matchless as it always was. After self-releasing several experimental cassette-only EPs and accompanying videos, the project began to take on a fuller shape as Stambach brought in additional bandmembers to color his dreamy, darkly textured pop songs. Op 20 april werd het album voorgesteld met een knaller van een liveshow in in de 4AD club te Diksmuide.

Simons, Gardell (Buckholz) Atlantic Zephyrs for Euphonium Solos w/Piano

ZEBRA is as naturalistic as it is alien, disrupting outdated boundaries between musical traditions, hierarchies and genre politics. The album sessions for The Now Now saw the band largely eschewing guest stars, taking it back to the core creative crew: blue-haired, sweet-natured dreamer 2D on vocals, whip-smart Japanese badass Noodle on guitar, not forgetting Brooklyn-born philosopher and the meat-behind-the-beat Russel Hobbs on drums. And with Murdoc Niccals temporarily indisposed, bass duties on the new album have been taken up by erstwhile Gangreen Gang member Ace.

A sun-drenched new video for first track Humility, starring a roller-skating 2D and a busking Jack Black, was directed by Jamie Hewlett and filmed entirely in Venice Beach, California last month. Having previously gone for intimate, minimalistic performances, Finklestein displays a chock-full production quality akin to a fairytale.

  • Complex Systems — Operational Approaches in Neurobiology, Physics, and Computers: Proceedings of the International Symposium on Synergetics at Schloß Elmau, Bavaria, May 6–11, 1985!
  • Age of Conan: Ghost of the Wall: Ghost of the Wall;
  • Postcolonial Literary Geographies: Out of Place.
  • His songs benefit from this elongated recording period, as each track creates its own space within the Finklestein world, mixing instruments and melodies in a rainbow of ways. Roadhouses — Roadhouses Doubtful Sounds, — Sydney slowcore dream rock trio Roadhouses have released their second single from their forthcoming self-titled debut LP. Camera is available now via Italians Do It Better.

    Comes with digital download codes, colorful insert and CD with bonus tracks not available on the lp, liners written by Kenyan music journalist Emmanuel Mwendwa.

    Atlantic Zephyrs (Novelette)    (Trombone or Baritone Part) Atlantic Zephyrs (Novelette) (Trombone or Baritone Part)
    Atlantic Zephyrs (Novelette)    (Trombone or Baritone Part) Atlantic Zephyrs (Novelette) (Trombone or Baritone Part)
    Atlantic Zephyrs (Novelette)    (Trombone or Baritone Part) Atlantic Zephyrs (Novelette) (Trombone or Baritone Part)
    Atlantic Zephyrs (Novelette)    (Trombone or Baritone Part) Atlantic Zephyrs (Novelette) (Trombone or Baritone Part)
    Atlantic Zephyrs (Novelette)    (Trombone or Baritone Part) Atlantic Zephyrs (Novelette) (Trombone or Baritone Part)

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