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And those stories were captured through real moments, the moments between moments, and were the seemingly mundane rituals and traditions of our daily life. And those photos, those are the ones that hit you in the heart and feed your soul. That is what family storytelling photography is all about.

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I want real emotions and ALL emotions, not just static and staged smiles. And in 50 years from now, when your children look at these images, I want them to remember and be transported back in time to the real moments in their lives and remember all the vivid connections that everyone shared between one another. Maybe your wheels are turning and you may be thinking, what exactly and where exactly would my family go in a storytelling session that would be unique and meaningful to us..?!

I invite you to ask yourself, what are the special things we do and share together that make us, us? The list could go on but it is really based on your interests, the activities you already do together and families life stage. In preparing for every storytelling session, I send you a questionnaire to fill out and we will work together to come up with the perfect plan that makes sense for your family.

The reason being is that when I think of mini sessions, I think of a random park of the photographers choosing with the same backdrop for every family that signs up for their 15 minute slot of the day. So, why not jump right in.. As a child I have the most glorious memories of visiting the local fair that was just a few minutes walk from where I grew up.

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How I would love to have an album of photos that captured this tradition from my childhood. The excited walk to get there, the thrill and joy of the rides, indulging in treats and ending with a waffle and ice cream every time. Even in my adult life, I still get the happy feeling and excitement inside when we go to the fair as a family.

Details below! Get in touch here! Just a disappointing and unsatisfying read. She must then make a painful choice — one that will lead to stunning and irrevocable consequences. Heartbreaking and beautiful, Everything Was Good-Bye is an unforgettable story about family, love, loss, and the struggle of living in two different cultural worlds. Meena is a seventeen-year-old Indo-Canadian and the youngest daughter of six who is struggling to find her place in the world. She tries hard to adhere to the traditional values of her family but at the same time wants the freedom that other Canadian girls have.

Meena, of course, is included in this plan but it is not what she wants. Meena deeply desires to have the freedom to choose her own husband but suffers inner turmoil in trying to be true to her mother and her rules, yet have the freedom to choose for herself and refuses to totally accept this role that is expected of her. She waits too long to make up her mind and when she decides to go, Liam has disappeared.

Eventually Meena marries, Sunny, a successful lawyer and the son of a prominent Indo-Canadian family but neither of them really loves the other and only marry to keep their parents happy and to keep with the tradition. Now she must decide whether to stay true to her marriage and the expectations of her family, or follow her heart and do what she feels deeply within herself. I will say, however, that my heart bled for Meena throughout the entire book and I absolutely despised Sunny but adored Liam who had always, always accepted Meena for who and what she was with no strings attached.

It was the perfect choice for a title for this particular story. There is an interview with Gurjinder Basran at the end of the book as well as some discussion questions that will have you really thinking about and peeling away the layers of the story which gives you an added experience to tale. I not only highly recommend this book but look forward, with anticipation, to further work by this author. For a debut novel, it was a phenomenal piece of work and was short-listed for Amazon. Nov 07, Heather K dentist in my spare time rated it liked it Shelves: mixed-emotions , m-f , won-on-goodreads , fiction-literature , exploring-a-different-culture , paperback-or-hardcover , not-a-romance-book.

First off, I won this book on Goodreads First Reads. On the back cover of this book, the novel is described as "heartwrenching. This novel is like bitter, expensive chocolate. Don't get me wrong, I couldn't put this book down. The writing is the best I've read in a while and I'm always fascinated by books that explore cultural divides. However, this book is a bumpy ride and the lives of the main characters are filled with First off, I won this book on Goodreads First Reads. However, this book is a bumpy ride and the lives of the main characters are filled with sadness and misfortune.

I kept yearning for Meena to find happiness but that was too seldom the case.

The ending of the book no spoilers really threw me. It isn't my style but I begrudgingly accept where the author went with the plot. Overall, this book was a standout first novel, really well written. Mar 25, Leslie rated it really liked it.

Everything Was Goodbye

I had trouble falling asleep after finishing this book last night. I read most of it this weekend because I couldn't leave it. I immediately felt attached to young Meena and even Liam and Meena's mother in her sorrow and perseverance. I saw my own hopefulness in Meena, yet hopelessness.

I rooted for her the whole book, rejoicing in her victories. The narrative flows perfectly never saying too much and always just enough. It is heartbreaking - to experience, to finish, to not be reading anymore. I will be watching for Basran's name more. It was lovely, and you don't have to be Indian or Canadian to love it.

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I am neither. I received an ARC, but noticed only one typo. I read through tears about half the time though, so I could be mistaken. Without spoiling anything, a few gems: "There is no life but the one at hand. As we stood in each other's reflection, looking forward and back, she narrowed her eyes to a squinted stare. For a moment I thought she saw me, and I knew she did when she answered 'Your disappointments dwell with your dreams.

View 1 comment. Dec 04, Madeline Dahlman rated it really liked it. I was so pleasantly surprised by this book. I wasn't sure what to expect and I've been given so many similar books to review lately that I really wasn't looking forward to reading this The book focuses on Meena, a typical Canadian teenager growing up within a very traditional Indian family and community.

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As one of 6 sisters, there is a very strong interest in finding her an acceptable arranged marriage and embracing community values. Thi I was so pleasantly surprised by this book. This includes being discouraged to have friends outside the community. Meena struggles with these ideals and finds herself drawn into a friendship with a white boy named Liam. Liam's family is broken and they are able to relate to the breakdown in family communication and rifts between generations. Throughout the story, Meena ages and fights to find her own way in the world without causing irreparable damage within her family.

Some avoided, some not. I found myself absolutely sucked into Meena and the difficult choices facing her.. This books was incredibly well written and I often repeated passages to myself just to try and hold on to their beauty This was such an unexpected treat This book was SO good.

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Now where to start? The reason I wanted to read this book so bad wasnt because it was listed as a giveaway. Meena, our MC lived in North Delta which is close. It's rare that I get to read a coming-of-age fiction novel from Canada, let alone pretty much right next door. The fact This book was SO good. The fact that I thought it was awesome just made this the best book I've read in This book is definitely a love story.

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Not in the way I imagine most people would think of a fictional love story though. No, this book was defnintely sad. It broke me heart in places and it was so vivid to me that I felt like I was really experiencing who Meena was. It was hard to remember that this book was ficticious even because it seemed so real to me.

Everything Was Good-bye Everything Was Good-bye
Everything Was Good-bye Everything Was Good-bye
Everything Was Good-bye Everything Was Good-bye
Everything Was Good-bye Everything Was Good-bye
Everything Was Good-bye Everything Was Good-bye
Everything Was Good-bye Everything Was Good-bye
Everything Was Good-bye Everything Was Good-bye
Everything Was Good-bye Everything Was Good-bye
Everything Was Good-bye Everything Was Good-bye

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