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Abstract Traditional double standards expect women to be conservative and to set limits for or even refuse sex, while men have more liberty to initiate a date and sexual intercourse and to be sexually experienced. And thus begins the downward spiral. I have always had a high regard for myself; however, I have had many obstacles, setbacks, regrets, disappointments, missed opportunities and let-downs. But, I can honestly say that I somehow always managed to go on in one way or another. I think it has helped me that I have sisters, which has helped me deeply understand other women and be more empathetic to other people's struggles.

That's all it takes sometimes, a little support, concern, and empathy to help someone get through a bad time and feel that they don't have to end their life.

That somehow things will get better; tomorrow may be brighter. Suicide is not the answer. There are hotlines, programs, lifelines, that can help.

Shannon Faulkner

Following up with loved ones is just one of the actions that you can take to help others. Also, talk openly with someone, become available, show interest and support, offer hope that alternatives are available. Ultimately suicide isn't anyone's fault, but the commonality of it may be reduced if we encourage more open emotional sharing and normalize feelings of depression that may otherwise by held within and result in suicide].

It really saddens me that women feel so much pressure these days. We live in a very "life is hard, just put up with it" society, but that just keeps emotions in and stops people from seeking the help they may desperately need. Which is why I am so adamant about treating others with kindness, empathy and understanding. You never know what anyone is going through; what is going on in their lives. Someone can be having a hard time at their job, have money issues, be unemployed, having issues with their children, siblings, parents they can be caretakers , marital problems, or be struggling deeply with mental illnesses such as depression or anxiety.

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We should all stand beside one another to help other women out whenever possible. Someday it could be you needing help, and it would be nice to know that someone has your back and truly cares. It can be the difference between saving a life or losing one. SWAAY thenarrative. Explore stories.

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Faulkner and gender Faulkner and gender
Faulkner and gender Faulkner and gender
Faulkner and gender Faulkner and gender
Faulkner and gender Faulkner and gender
Faulkner and gender Faulkner and gender
Faulkner and gender Faulkner and gender

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