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The increasing use of the reinforced earth technique in geotechnical engineering requires the development of reliable and practical yield design methods for reinforced earthworks. The method presented in this Paper originates from the idea that, from a macroscopic point of view, reinforced earth can be regarded as a homogeneous material with anisotropic properties, owing to the existence of privileged orientations due to the reinforcing strips.

The strength criterion of such an equivalent material, which can be determined theoretically starting from the strength data of the reinforced earth components, turns out to be of the anisotropic frictional type.

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This criterion is applied to the stability analysis of a reinforced earth wall, making use of the yield design kinematic approach with rigid block failure mechanisms. The theoretical estimates obtained for the collapse height of the wall through this method appear to be in better agreement with experimental results than the values derived from classical design methods. Despite some limitations outlined in the Paper, the proposed yield design homogenization procedure may become an appropriate design method for reinforced soil structures in general.

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Reinforced Earth

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Keywords: reinforced earth ; retaining walls ; stability ; failure ; limit state design ; anisotropy. Cited By.

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    Overview Contact Product Literature. Earth Retaining Walls and Reinforced Slopes Engineers who need to maximise the area of development for earth retaining walls and structures but are faced with difficult and varied terrain can choose from a wide range of options — reinforced concrete, gabions, crib walls, sheet piling and structural brickwork, and more. Read more. Need help?

    Reinforced Earth Reinforced Earth
    Reinforced Earth Reinforced Earth
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    Reinforced Earth Reinforced Earth
    Reinforced Earth Reinforced Earth

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