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Sort order. Aug 12, Rosemary rated it really liked it Recommends it for: fans of hot hunky shifters and their sexy romances. Shelves: fantasy , erotica , sexy-shifter-romances. Shifters of the Seventh Moon Paranormal Romance Collection - a review by Rosemary Kenny A delightfully naughty 4 book box set of Shifter stories will titillate and tease readers, with the romantic adventures of the Beasts Baseball Team and the women who fall for their rugged hot bodies in Selena Scott's collection, that's sure to be a winner! Book 1 - The Shifter's Shadow. When Thea's attacked, Jack doesn't hesitate to leap - literally, as a startling transformation takes place - to her defence!

Will Thea love both sides of Jack's personality, or will his hidden 'bear' side be just a shift too far from the man she thought she knew? Book 2 - The Shifter's Embrace. Thinking a change of location may help him heal emotionally, Jean-Luc heads for the family's old home in the Everglades, to wait for the total lunar eclipse on July 7 7th Moon. When he meets and falls for Celia, the 5 foot tall pocket Venus, who's one of eleven children , will it change their lives back in Michigan for good?

Book 3 - The Shifter's Seduction. Arturo's love for Martine was turned evil, when he sacrificed himself to a soul-eating demon to save her. Now he plans to seduce and sacrifice Caroline Clifton, as one more of his victims, after luring her to take part in an 'orienteering' treasure hunt, with a mysterious prize for the winner. After meeting Caroline at a hardware store after she's claimed her 'treasure' map and is stocking up supplies plus a hunter's knife to camp out with, Tre is alarmed that the trail she'll be staying near is an isolated one that nobody's used for years.

He soon finds out 5 others have asked about the trail's location, besides himself and Caroline.

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Further investigation reveal the other contestants had either inherited, stolen or found their maps. Deciding to be on hand just in case, Tre doubts the smooth-talking Arturo's intentions are honourable, but are they deadly and damning too? Arturo, also a bear shifter like all the hunks in the collection, is the owner of the Beasts Baseball Team. When they get together, Arturo believe's Martine's a shifter, not knowing of his own heritage, until his brothers break the spell he's under and reveal him as a bear shifter like themselves.

The 7th Moon Shifters are strong together as a Team, fighting their enemies, like the demon soul-eater and a clan looking for true love and a HEA for all, on and off the diamond. Can it really be that shifter dreams can come true?

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To find the answers to this and more, why not buy your Paranormal Romance Collection tonight - it'll make you growl with pleasure as you read til the full Moon rises! Jul 01, Emily Pennington rated it it was amazing Shelves: reviewed. Below is a review of one of the books as an example of what you can find in this set. It was the one resource that was always in infinite supply.

Moon Shifter Series – Katie Reus

A demon has been plotting and waiting for a very long time. He set his game in motion and watched as the human pieces fell into place. For a little while, his boredom would be held at bay as he played the game to reap that one special soul to satisfy his voracious hunger! Thea Redgrave was finishing her packing when Ray Goodman arrived at the farmhouse. He reassured her he would take care of things.

Then she packed her truck and drove off. Caroline Clifton leaped out of the motel bed early in the morning, ready to start the day. She was eager to begin the search where all the clues aligned in two more days. Jean Luc LaTour was uncomfortable in his motel bed. Only his brother ever made him laugh.

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He was eager only for July seventh when there would be a total lunar eclipse, and something would be waiting in the clearing in Michigan for him. Jack Warren had been in the store Thea stopped at to buy her jackknife and supplies. He stayed close by in the aisle, looked her up and down, and pointed out some other knives to her. And so far, 5 people had asked the teenager in the store about the back hiking trail no one had used in years.

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Thea woke the next morning and felt she had to move quickly, that someone was going to get to the star on the map area first. Within a mile of the clearing, she felt herself running down the trail. She ran as if there were demons on her heels! But when she reached the clearing, Jack was already there! She told him to move his tent — but it belonged to someone else! Both of them realized there were probably a total of 7 maps and the rest of the people would soon be arriving. Which was the prize that the demon longed for?

And what would happen to the others?

ASMR Roleplay - The Shifter Experiments - The Sacrifice

There is so much going on in this book that will captivate the reader and provide many things to think about. It is well worth reading! This series of books is really a good one, very well written, with the dialog flowing easily! Each book will keep the reader involved, getting to know the characters and eagerly following the fast-paced story lines. You will absolutely love it!

Jun 29, Jannie Cv rated it it was amazing. An outstanding series! What a fascinating concept!

Manifest Zone: Changelings, Shifters and Lycanthropes

Six individuals are drawn to a location by a treasure map; handed down through generations, or purloined. A Demon has been plotting a delicious soul harvest for centuries. Through some complicated and difficult situations, these six and their demon-slayer guide bond and become a cohesive unit. The journey is enlightening, traumatic at times, and romance blooms. W An outstanding series! What will they face next?

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Awesome storytelling! The men have much to learn as they become familiar with their new abilities. The ongoing shenanigans as Celia and Jean Luc get to know each other are so much fun. Celia has so many doubts. From one person to the other. Celia is complex, and can be ferocious when protecting someone she loves! The group is constantly under threat of attack. The demon has not stopped its pursuit. I was on pins and needles, worried about the outcome! What comes next? The author has a humorous way of phrasing things that adds a delightful touch to her storytelling.

What will be revealed next? What a crazy dance Tre and Caroline are in! Their story is fascinating in all the revealed complexities. I love the way this author writes! And when they connect - whew! With the other six people already paired up, this book focuses on Arturo, centuries-old, ex-demon slave, and Martine, a light-being, demon-killer, hawk-shifter, and woman When an attack on Arturo makes it sensible to spend nights together for safety, things begin to heat up between them. Bit by bit, Arturo softens, and love flares between them.

Martine is amazing, with all her skills and what she can teach the others.

Under a Shifters Moon Under a Shifters Moon
Under a Shifters Moon Under a Shifters Moon
Under a Shifters Moon Under a Shifters Moon
Under a Shifters Moon Under a Shifters Moon
Under a Shifters Moon Under a Shifters Moon

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