Wong Kar-wais Ashes of Time

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He wants to return home before he goes completely blind, but has no money. So he comes to Feng looking for employment and gets embroiled in a war between a roving band of robbers and the nearby village.

Ashes of Time Redux

The third swordsman is Hung Chi Jacky Cheung , a reckless but idealistic young man who comes to Feng seeking fame and glory. The final swordsman is Feng himself.

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Unlike Chi, however, he left behind his one true love and hides his regret behind materialism and disaffection. This is especially evident in the characters of the swordsmen. The pursuit of their deadly art and their desire for fame and glory has brought them nothing but hardship and misery.

Feng occasionally recites from almanacs and religious texts, his predictions implying that these characters are bound to their fate. Their decisions are not theirs to make, the turmoil they experience meted out by unknowable powers.

Ashes of Time Redux

The characters deal with this in various ways, and none of them are too positive, be it drinking themselves into amnesia, going mad, or wandering through the desert until their next battle. Even for the one character that has some sense of idealism, Hung Chi, the movie makes it clear that he still has troubles ahead. None of the characters leave this movie unscathed.

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But Ashes of Time , with its surreal visuals and obtuse storyline seems all the more removed from reality, which ramps up the mythological, otherworldly feel. At times, Ashes of Time moves and unfolds like a desert-induced hallucination. Call it Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon on acid if you will, but that does come pretty close to describing the style on display. My Cart.

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Ashes Of Time

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Wong Kar-wais Ashes of Time Wong Kar-wais Ashes of Time
Wong Kar-wais Ashes of Time Wong Kar-wais Ashes of Time
Wong Kar-wais Ashes of Time Wong Kar-wais Ashes of Time
Wong Kar-wais Ashes of Time Wong Kar-wais Ashes of Time
Wong Kar-wais Ashes of Time Wong Kar-wais Ashes of Time

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