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The nuclear-powered Charles de Gaulle is the only non-American nuclear carrier in the world.

Its foreign legion is one of the most famous combat forces in the world. With over , troops; 2, tanks; and 1, aircraft ready to go, South Korea is anything but weak. It also boasts over 5 million reserve service members. Most of its equipment is on the newer side and some of it is homegrown. Apache , Japan has a varied and capable collection of military hardware.

Still, the country suffers from a significant size issue. It has less than 1, aircraft, 4, armored vehicles, and only about ships. All of that is manned by a little over , troops. In a protracted war, Japan will keenly feel every loss of a submarine or other high-value asset.

India has a large number of troops, but those are largely reserve personnel 2. It boasts a large number of armored vehicles at over 11,, but has a relatively small air force and navy and relies on more prosperous allies for much of its defense development. But some of those joint ventures are paying off. Those millions of men and women are equipped with almost 3, aircraft, 13, armored vehicles, and ships. But China struggles with modernization and organization problems as decades of power struggles between the army and navy hollowed out sections of the force.

The World’s Most Powerful Militaries In 2018

But with increased military spending that puts it behind only the U. This allows it to field about 3, planes, 5, armored vehicles including tanks, and warships counting everything from its aircraft carrier to small logistics vessels. The U. Its Navy has the largest and most aircraft carriers in the world with 11 full-sized carriers counting the new USS Gerald R.

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Its Air Force flies the largest and most technologically advanced air fleet in the world which is just a little larger than the U. Meanwhile, the U.

Both forces enjoy very high spending per service member compared to rival forces, and that allows them to bring their artillery and aircraft to the fight. All four U. Department of Defense branches are trained to work together on a battlefield, combining their powers into one joint team. The Asian powerhouse has that number again in its reserve forces, as well as more than m men and women of working age who could be called upon to fight.

With thousands of military vehicles and aircraft and more than naval craft including submarines and destroyers, Beijing has a formidable amount of firepower at its disposal, according to the Global Firepower Index. Britain, which has had the size of its army cut considerably in recent years, ranks at number Remarkably, the Global Firepower index says countries including Greece, Myanmar and Sri Lanka have larger armed forces - despite having much lower populations than the UK.

These are the most powerful militaries in the world:

Artists pay tribute to the warriors of the past in the Games' opening ceremony. But which country currently has the most active military personnel ready to take action in the face of another global conflict? With all men between 18 and 25 years of age being made to serve at least one and a half years in the military, the Vietnamese Army is only 4.

World Armies World Armies
World Armies World Armies
World Armies World Armies
World Armies World Armies
World Armies World Armies
World Armies World Armies
World Armies World Armies

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